Use Code "KUI" For $$ Off 🦋
Use Code "KUI" For $$ Off 🦋
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1. What Is The Best Way To Get In Contact With You?

- By email: 

2. Do You Offer Wholesale?

- I do not offer wholesale items unless I no longer sell the item.

3. Do You Offer A Vendors List?

- Yes, but only to other small businesses.

4. How Long Until My Order Ships Out?

- Please refer to our Shipping Policy page.

5. Do You Ship Internationally?

- Yes, I do.

6. Can I Change My Shipping Address?

- After your order has been shipped and left my possession, you cannot change your address. Please triple-check your address is correct before placing your order.

7. Do You Offer Refunds/Returns/Exchanges?

- Please refer to our Refund Policy page.