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About Us


Hi babes! My name is Malaika and I am the 20 year old owner of Kui Kollections. The name “Kui“ originates from my first middle name.

Around the time I was almost done my first year of college, I was told that I was seen as someone who would have her own business. With my first thought automatically going to how much work goes into being an entrepreneur, I instantly pushed it aside and said no. After a while, I came to the realization that I definitely had a thing for having my own schedule and doing things on my own time. So of course, after a year or so, I decided to go ahead and start my own business.

Kui Kollections is now here to offer the occasional clothes and accessories, while focusing on handmade bundles (lip gloss, lip care, hair accessories, etc.) as I enjoy matching things together 🤍

- Malaika K.E. Davis